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FarmDroid FD20 is a solar-driven field robot that seeds and weeds. By using GPS signal it marks the placement of the crops at seeding and subsequently performs mechanical weed control both between the rows and inside the rows.

The unique precision at seeding makes it possible to clean the crop up close and thereby minimize, or completely eliminate, the need for manual weed control.

The four solar panels on top of the robot produce power for a battery package and ensure up to 24 hours daily CO2-neutral operation. Thereby, you avoid external charging of the batteries and you can let your FarmDroid FD20 work in the field throughout the entire season.







Autonomous seeding and weeding

Can the robot really do both seeding and weeding? Yes! The FarmDroid FD20 will take care of both seeding as well as inter-row and intra-row weeding.

Renewable energy

FarmDroid FD20 is completely electrical and gets all its energy from four solar panels. This is not only good for the environment and your pocket – but it also means you never have to worry about charging.

High Precision seeding

FarmDroid FD20 has a “one of a kind” precision when it comes to seeding, due to its patented seeding system. It knows the exact position of each seed, making it possible to start weeding before the crops germinates, and thereby ensuring that the crop gets a head start to the weeds.

High Precision weeding

Inter-row weeding can be performed with a precision down to 10mm and intra-row cultivation down to 20mm. Since the FD20 continuously performs high precision weeding, our customers get up to a 40% increase in yield.

Minimal soil compaction

Soil compaction has been shown to destroy the soil’s microstructure and reduce yield up to 20%. Because FarmDroid FD20 only weighs 900 kg the impact on the soil is minimal.

Up to 24 hours daily operation

It might only move with less than 1 km/h. But the energy from the solar panels in combination with the FD20’s high energy efficiency ensures that it can run up to 24 hours a day or 6 hectares of daily seeding or weeding.

Seed and weed 30+ different crops and vegetables

“If we can seed it, we can weed it”. We have tested and designed seed discs for more than 30 different crops and vegetables. If we haven’t tested it, send us your seed sample and we will design a new seed disc for you.

Quick payback period

Due to reduced weeding costs and higher yield, our customers enjoy a payback period as low as 1 year! The average payback period ranges from 2-3 years, making it a risk-free investment. Calculate your ROI here.

Service and support

Don’t worry – we’ve got your back if you need it. Our FarmDroid Care team is there for you 18 hours a day – 7 days a week! If you opt for our “Uptime Subscription” we will even monitor your robot for you.

Tried, tested & proven

More than 250 robots sold in 15 different countries! Check out our customer stories here.




900 kg

Hear it from our customers

“It’s easy to use and very precise”

– Anders Tornslev, Denmark

“It was important for us to invest in the FarmDroid”

– Johan Tremmel, Germany

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ECOLOGICAL and CO2 neutral



Do you have questions? See if you can find the answer here in our FAQ section or contact us through the contact form below.

Which crops can the robot handle?

FarmDroid FD20 has already sowed and weeded a long range of crops and the list continues to expand. In 2020, the farmers have, among other things, sowed and weeded sugar beets, onions, beetroot, spinach, kale, valerian, flower seeds, and rapeseed. See our compatible crops page for more information

Do you have a crop that you wish to sow and weed using a FarmDroid? Contact us, then we will tell you if it is possible.

How many hectares can one single robot manage?

We recommend one robot for 20 hectares per season depending on weed pressure and seed density.

Do you need a higher capacity? Multiple robots can operate on one or more fields. 

Can one single robot handle multiple crops?

Yes! A robot can easily be moved between fields with different crops.

A single field can also be divided into smaller plots with different crops.

Where can I see a FarmDroid in action?

We regularly have demo days – contact FarmDroid or one of our distributors to hear more.

We already have many commercial robots operating and distributors in a long range of European countries. Therefore, we most likely have one running near you. 

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Do you want to learn more about FarmDroid, get a quote, see the robot in action or talk with a salesperson or something else? Then do not hesitate to contact us here.