Welcome to our new Social Media Specialist

To strengthen our online efforts with respect to social media and digital campaigns, we have hired Mia Heuschkel as our new Social Media & Digital Commercial Specialist. Mia is going to boost our position on social media and make awesome, engaging content.

Mia is 25 years old and lives in Kolding. She holds a Master of Arts in International Business Communication with specialization in English and German. Generally she is curious about languages which is also why she during her studies decided to study a semester abroad at Kiel University. Before she came to us, she was working at Saab Danmark A/S as Marketing Manager.

We know Mia as a smiling and happy person, who is deeply passionate about social media and the latest trends.

Welcome to the team, Mia!

Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +45 2883 1615

Social Media Specialist Mia Heuschkel