One robot with multiple functions

FarmDroid has not only one but multiple functionalities. It replaces several different farming tools, leaving the farmer with less equipment and fewer tasks to handle.

Many tools necessary for organic crop production

Organic farming is a sustainable lifestyle, which uses natural processes to fertilize and protect crops while getting rid of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms. The goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem where soil fertility is enhanced and preserved for future generations.

Growing organic crops requires a lot of equipment. The equipment that is usually used includes a tractor, precision ag technology, seeding equipment, and methods for controlling weeds, such as mechanical weeders or hand weeding. With all this equipment follows a lot of work for the farmer. Most of which he can’t do entirely by himself.

A multifunctional robot

With the FarmDroid you get all the abovementioned tools in one single unit. The robot is made with equipment for both seeding and weeding. It can take care of multiple tasks, including seeding, blind weeding, inter-row weeding, and intra-row weeding. Thereby, making crop production easier for the farmer. It even performs the tasks in a CO2-neutral way.

What does it mean for the farmer?

The FarmDroid’s many functionalities mean that the farmer saves money while working less. The farmer saves money because he needs to buy and maintain less equipment. As the robot runs entirely on solar power, it also means that there are no expenses for fuel as there would be with a normal tractor. Furthermore, given the robot’s extremely precise weeding, the crops are given optimal growth conditions without having to compete with weeds for nutrition and sunlight. The farmer thus gets an enhanced yield.

All of this while doing less work and having more time to do other tasks. Once the robot is set up, it can be left in the field, working without supervision, and the farmer can settle for simply checking up on it occasionally. If a problem should occur, the farmer will be notified on his phone. Moreover, there is a camera placed on the robot, and via the FarmDroid app, the farmer can access the camera and check up on the robot’s work.