IoT partnership with Telenor makes for a stronger connection

The FarmDroid FD20 is equipped with solar panels, high precision RTK-GPS, advanced sensors, and to put it all online a sim card. From now on the robots will use Telenor as an internet service provider.

We have over 400 roaming agreements with other internet providers, so the customers with a FarmDroid can be rest assured, that the robot is connected. Regardless wheter it is seeding and weeding on Lolland in Denmark or Bologna in Italy.

Jan Rasmussen, Head of Solutions House, Telenor.

The FarmDroid FD20 uses a sim card, like the ones in mobile phones, to send the data from the robot to the farmer. The farmer has access to live data on the robot through an app that provides insights into the process of seeding and weeding.

Telenor is a good partner for us because of their good roaming coverage and that makes it possible for us to have only one supplier of sim-cards and internet for our robots with good connection.

Kristian Vest Warming,Co-Founder and Chief of Farming Robots, FarmDroid

There is a big difference in how mobile coverage is between countries because the connection can jump from one provider to another. Here the solution from Telenor seems attractive.

We reduce the concern of the farmers when it comes to mobile coverage because the robot can roam to the connection with the most optimal coverage.

Jan Rasmussen, Head of Solutions House, Telenor

This makes the robot better to handle signal interference as it can just jump to the best possible connection when it goes from one end of the field to another.