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FarmDroid Care are now stronger than ever

To keep our customer service on point, we have added two new awesome personalities to our team at FarmDroid Care. Kamila from Poland and Riccardo from Italy is now one of the friendly voices that will meet our customers if they need assistance with their FarmDroid.

Our two new customer care professionals will take part in the existing great service team where we help distributors and customers.

Kamila Różycka has been living in Denmark since 2017 and has experience in customer service and relations management.

Riccardo Besana has been living in Denmark since 2016. He has an education in agriculture and will bring his experience in this field and analytics skills into the team.

Both Kamila and Riccardo are a great addition to the FarmDroid Care team, which will continue to grow in the next year.

Kamila Różycka
Riccardo Besana - Customer Care Professional
Riccardo Besana