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FarmDroid announced as an Index Award 2021 Finalist

In June FarmDroid was selected as an Index Award 2021 finalist by The Index Project. The Index Project celebrates design that improves quality of life and previous winners counts, among others, Duolingo (2015) and Tesla (2007).

The five category winners will each receive a prize package worth over 200.000 euro. Each awards cycle recognises five designers from across five categoris, as well as a People’s Choice Winner:

  • Body – Design that keeps us physically and mentally healthy
  • Home – The products that improve our quality of life at home
  • Work – Ideas that make our jobs safer, fairer, more accessible and sustainable
  • Play & Learning – Design that makes learning more fun and effective through play
  • Community – Large-scale design solutions that we all share

FarmDroid is selected in the Work category among some great innovative companies

About The Index Project

The Index Project, a foundation established in 2002, was initially tasked with running a large-scale design award to further brand Denmark as a progressive design nation. The first Index Award launched in 2005, like most award programmes, was initiated to celebrate the world’s best and brightest within the field. The humble concept of design to improve life grew into a global movement. And now, people all over the world — from kids as young as six to celebrated visionaries — are using design to bring humanity forward. Now in its nineteenth year, the awards programme has come a long way. Since its inception in 2005 a robust investment programme has been developed to ensure that we don’t only celebrate important design but also support the implementation of design throughout the world.