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Do you have questions? Try and find an answer in our FAQ section. If you didn’t find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us.

Which crops can the robot handle?

Our FarmDroid FD20 has already seeded and weeded many different crops and the list of crops that it can handle continues to grow. Farmers have  successfully used FarmDroid for among other things sugar beets, beet root/red beets, onions, spinach, salad, kale, rapeseed, cauliflower, broccoli, turnip, flowerseeds and various herbs. Learn more here.

If you wonder whether FarmDroid can seed and weed a specific crop, please just contact us and we will be happy to find out.

What is the capacity of the robot?

One robot can seed and weed 20 hectares in a season under optimal conditions. By combining more robots, the capacity will be increased because they are able to work together on the same field or several fields.

Can one robot handle multiple crops?

Yes, absolutely! A FarmDroid can easily be moved between fields with different types of crops. It can also take care of one field with different types of crops – easy peasy!

Where can I see a FarmDroid in action?

Throughout the year we have regular demo days, where we show the FarmDroid in action. To learn more about when and where contact us or your nearest distributor.

We have FarmDroids running in most of Europe as well as in Canada, the UK and Ireland, so most likely we can arrange a demonstration nearby you.