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What crops can the robot handle?

Our FarmDroid FD20 has seeded and weeded a various range of crops and the list continues to grow. In 2020 the farmers using FarmDroid have been successfully seeding sugar beets, onions, beetroots, spinach, kale, rapeseed, and different herbs.

Do you have questions about if our FarmDroid can seed and weed a specific crop, then just contact us and we will find out.

How many hectares can one robot handle?

In a season, one robot can seed and weed 20 hectares under optimal conditions.

By combining more robots, the capacity can be increased because they can work together on the same field or several fields.

Can one robot handle more than one type of crop?

Yes, definitely! the FarmDroid can easily be moved between fields with different types of crops!  

One field can also be split up with different crops that the FarmDroid can handle.

Where can I see a FarmDroid in “live action”?

We have ongoing demo days of our FarmDroid throughout the year. Contact us or one of our distributors, to learn more.

Our FarmDroids is currently running in most European countries, so we can arrange a demonstration near you.