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Customer Care Professionals to ‘grow’ the service levels at FarmDroid CARE!

Are you passionate about people, and want to join our joyful team on the mission of changing the future of farming?

Here at FarmDroid, we are experiencing massive growth as we are step-by-step becoming globally recognized! To keep up with this immense growth we are expanding our organization with interesting individuals who will help us, help our customers.

FarmDroid’s business concept is to exploit technology for the benefit of the environment by developing sustainable and usable solutions for agriculture. FarmDroid has developed and produces an innovative, CO2-neutral field robot primarily for organic operations, which reduces the need for pesticides and the cost of repetitive, tedious manual work.

Job Description

As a FarmDroid Customer Care Professional, you will aid in the delivery of our 7 key service goals:

  • Deliver services with a MINIMAL amount of steps from problem to solution
  • Deliver services with a MINIMAL amount of required effort from users
  • Ensure a MINIMUM of downtime for users 
  • Ensure CONTENIOUS Learning and development 
  • Ensure that the services that users receive are IDENTICAL, no matter the product or the location
  • Ensure that problems are dealt with as PROACTIVELY as our data and knowledge allows
  • Ensure that the goals above are all reached with MINIMAL amount of resources. 

You will therefore have an essential role, in providing our customers with good experiences, and play an important part in FarmDroid reaching our ambitious goals.

You will do this by aiding customers within their use-processes, provide relevant knowledge to inquiries, as well as log and document relevant data, to ensure continuous organizational learning.  

Your Profile

For our future Customer Care Specialists, we value a great personality, just as highly as past experiences, and general competencies.

It is therefore essential for us that you are:

A ‘people-person’ who gets a kick out of interacting with people.

A tolerant individual who will not get knocked down easily.

A ‘solution-seeker’ who loves dealing with complex, as well as simple, issues, and solving these.

Flexible in terms of working hours and time during the primary farming seasons.

A person with a good technical know-how, who can understand technical issues, and corelate it with an overview of the product, to quickly discover potential solutions.

As our customer base stretches far beyond different borders, fluent English is a must for the position, while other proficient language skills are highly appreciated.

As the ‘world of farming’ is quite seasonal, we also highly appreciate secondary competencies, in order for you to step in and contribute in other departments out of the main seasonal work.

We offer

If you find that this profile matches you, we are ready to offer you a position, in which you will be able to help us shape the future of sustainable farming. We are a young and highly dynamic company with room for every person of any culture, and with us you will get the perfect incubation environment for your competencies. 

The Salary and terms of employment in accordance with qualifications. Two fulltime positions are offered regarding this opening, as well as one time-limited position.

Relevant information

Start:As soon as possibleContact:Alex Sloth Hansen
Location:Industrisvinget 1, 6600 VejenMail:[email protected]