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We want to change the future of farming. We are on a mission to innovative farming and make crop production CO2 neutral. We want to reduce the use of harmful chemicals in farming and nurse the crop from seed to plant through high precision farming. Do you want to help us?


  • Safe and healthy working environment — We value a safe and healthy working environment. You should be happy to go to work each day. Through the right mindset and a correct arranged workspace , we can prevent work-related incidents and unhappy employees. Speak-up, listen and act. We are all open-minded and we can always talk to each other no matter what’s on your mind.

  • Us before me — Quality and great ideas come from employees at all levels. We are diverse and inclusive. We value differences because they makes us perform better as a team. At FarmDroid we are a family and we deliver as a team. Success is our joint effort. Only when we work together we can achieve our goals.

  • Celebrate achievements — We believe that all employees come to work with a mission to do their best. It is our responsibility to create the right conditions for our employees to develop and flourish! We have high ambitions for us and our company, but we don’t expect the impossible. Our ambitions and goals are realistic and when we achieve them, we celebrate as a team!

  • Talent comes with education — Talent, knowledge and capabilities are what build our company in the first place. We don’t expect you to know it all when you start here. We know there is much to learn and there is no rush, we’ll take it at your pace. By thoroughly and at the right pace educating our employees and each other we will continue to grow. We believe that talent goes hand in hand with education. When we combine education with talent we can reach for the stars!

  • Create value — By delivering first-class service and support to our customers and partners and collaborate with them to optimally utilize our product, we create value!

  • Stay innovative — Together with our customers we keep optimizing the FarmDroid platform as part of our mission to innovate farming and make it more sustainable.

  • Secure our future — The very idea of our product is based on a vision to create a greener, more sustainable farming industry in order to our future. Besides from delievering a sustainable product, we are as a company cost-conscious, and we react proactively to changes in our surrounding environments.

„Sustainability is not only something we practice with the robot“

Advantages when working at FarmDroid

Good retirement savings

Paid vacation

Health insurance

Work computer & phone

Lunch burpees

Flexible Schedule

Unlimited coffee

Breakfast every friday


Andrea is a Customer Care Professional at FarmDroid. Here she talks about how it is to work at FarmDroid.

Atmosphere at FarmDroid

Job openings

Salgsleder – Skandinavien, UK, Irland og Holland

23. september, 2022

Du vil få ansvaret for at drive og videreudvikle virksomhedens salg i Skandinavien, Holland, UK og Irland. I ansvarsområdet ligger ansvaret for at videreudvikle salget gennem distributører i det enkelte marked. 

Salgsleder – Østeuropa og Tyrkiet

23. september, 2022

Du vil få ansvaret for den kommercielle udvikling af FarmDroids salg i Østeuropa og Tyrkiet. I ansvarsområdet ligger i første omgang opgaven med at opdyrke et net af dygtige distributører i ansvarsområdet og herefter opgaven med at udvikle salget gennem disse distributører. 

Customer care professional

September 9, 2022

Are you passionate about people, and do you want to join our cheerful team on a mission to change the future of farming? We are expanding our team with new members who will help us support our customers.

Production Manager

July 5, 2022

Som Production Manager får du ansvaret for Farmdroids produktion/montage og det ledelsesmæssige ansvar for pt. ca. 12 dedikerede og motiverede medarbejdere.

Ansvaret dækker fra produktionen modtager råvarer fra lageret til det færdige produkt er klar til afsendelse.

Supply Chain Planner

July 5, 2022

Som Supply Chain Planner ved Farmdroid vil du blive et helt centralt bindeled mellem Salg og Supply Chain. I denne funktion vil du have en tæt dialog med salg, indkøb, lager og produktion og du vil have ansvaret for at omdanne salgs forecast til et produktions forecast som indkøb, lager og produktionen kan planlægge efter.


June 2, 2022

Du vil, i krydsfeltet mellem embedded udvikling og HW løsninger, skulle indtage en nøglerolle i forbindelse med design af nye produkter og forbedring af eksisterende løsninger.

Technical Project Manager

June 2, 2022

Som projektleder bliver du en del af R&D afdelingen og du vil få ansvaret for at gennemføre interne og eksterne udviklingsopgaver og -projekter, således at der udvikles løsninger med inddragelse af de forskellige funktionsområder.

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