About farmdroid

FarmDroid is the company behind the world’s first fully automatic robot that can take care of both sowing and mechanical weed control. We help farmers and growers reduce costs of sowing and weeding crops while also doing it in a CO2 neutral and ecological way.

FarmDroid ApS was founded by Jens Warming and Kristian Warming along with Innovationsmiljøet Syddansk Innovation A/S and the robot expert Esben Østergaard.

The Team

René Jannick Jørgensen


Tlf. +45 28550903

E-mail: rjj@farmdroid.dk

Kristian Vest Warming

Co-Founder & Chief of Farming Robots

Tlf. +45 61209086

E-mail: kvw@farmdroid.dk

Jens Vest Warming


Co-Founder & CTO

E-mail: jvw@farmdroid.dk

Eddie Bolding Pedersen

Eddie Bolding Pedersen

European Sales Manager

Tlf. +45 28551909

E-mail: epe@farmdroid.dk

Peter Førby-Madsen

Head of R&D

Tlf. +45 40497030

E-mail: pfm@farmdroid.dk

Christian Svendsen



E-mail: csv@farmdroid.dk

Mads Christian Buttenschön

Head of Production & Supply Chain

Tlf. +45 25416736

E-mail: mcb@farmdroid.dk

Marianne Kley

Administrative Coordinator

Tlf. +45 28891887

E-mail: mkl@farmdroid.dk

Alex Sloth Hansen

Head of After Sales Services

Tlf. +45 61460470

E-mail: ash@farmdroid.dk

Tina Schmidt Førby

Warehouse & Material Coordinator

Tlf. +45 22630777

E-mail: tsf@farmdroid.dk

Henrik Lund Birkmose

Development Engineer, R&D

Tlf. +45 61460620

E-mail: hlb@farmdroid.dk

Ahmad Kliban

Production Engineer, R&D

Tlf. +45 91808091

E-mail: akl@farmdroid.dk

Nikolai Tuborg

Marketing Communication Specialist

Tlf. +45 60137568

E-mail: ntu@farmdroid.dk

Jens Jessen Hansen

Innovation Specialist, R&D

Tlf. +45 60136793

E-mail: jjh@farmdroid.dk

Our vision is to help the farmers in a sustainable manner