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A robot with two front wheels

Get to know more about our Dual Front Wheel (DFW) robot configuration.

The Dual Front Wheel configuration is a FarmDroid FD20 robot with four wheels. It is a configuration of the FarmDroid FD20, which means that you can change an existing robot to a model with 4 wheels, or you can have your robot configured with 4 wheels from the beginning.

With the DFW you can adapt the row distance to your traditional seeding method and your original equipment. You can tailor the robot, so that it fits your operation. The robot can be configured with 4-12 rows and a working distance in the rows between 22,5 cm to 90 cm – what fits your needs.

The DFW is ideal for seedbeds. With the DFW you get an extra row, where the front wheel normally creates a lane in the field. With its four wheels the DFW will leave the seedbeds undisturbed when working in the field. It will be driving in the lanes created by your tractor when you prepared the beds.

As it is developed for working in seedbeds it can be adapted to work with smaller row distances.